We can help your country draft technical funding proposals for airborne geophysical surveys that can be submitted to funding agencies such as the World Bank, African Development Bank. Our comprehensive services include
  1. Technical assessment of the country’s mineral endowment, propose high priority areas in terms of mineral potential that will most likely be covered by airborne geophysical surveys
  2. Prepare a technical proposal for funding by the World Bank or other financial institutions.
  3. Develop a bid document providing the technical specifications required of the geophysical surveys and to solicit bids from highly reputable airborne geophysical companies.
  4. Evaluate and review the proposals and select the best proposal.
  5. Provide project management capabilities and supervise on quality control(QC) during data acquisition and processing.
  6. Provide data interpretation support and staff training.
  7. Advertise and promote the use of these data sets internationally.
  8. Help create a National Geophysical and Geologic Data Management system that can be readily available on-line to investors as well as the general public.
  9. Use the newly acquired geophysical data to update old existing geologic maps and put them in digital form.

Magnetic anomaly map of the Okavango NW Botswana